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PaperPK News: “Cartoons in Pakistani Newspaper on 10th November 2011” plus 8 more

PaperPK News: “Cartoons in Pakistani Newspaper on 10th November 2011” plus 8 more

Cartoons in Pakistani Newspaper on 10th November 2011

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 02:46 AM PST

Cartoons in Pakistani Newspaper on 10th November 2011 (Thrusday). These cartoons are taken from the newspaper Jang, Nawaiwaqt, The News and The Nation.

68% users of Google+ are male

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 02:31 AM PST

Around three quarters (or more) of Google+ users are male. According to recent estimates, has improved its gender ratio since it first launched, men still drastically outnumber women.Social Statistics and Find People On Plus, third-party sites that gather data from about select Google+ profiles, both report that about 68% of Google+ users are Male. In July, they estimated that the percentage of male users was 87% and 74% respectfully. This improvement, however, is partly due to a change Google+ made in mid July that allows users to pass on the option to state whether they are male or female. And even if the option to keep gender private made no dent in gender ratio, Google+ still has a long way to go before men and women are represented equally in its circles. "This network has shown itself to be a place that encourages deep conversation," wrote the paper in its first post on Google+, "and from what we've observed so far, many of you are passionate and smart consumers of technology."

Pakistan railways decide to restart Shalimar Express

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 02:27 AM PST

Pakistan railways decide to restart Shalimar Express. Department Railways temporary close 115 passenger trains after business train handed over Shalimar train to private sector. Business and Shalimar Trains will start from January next year. Shalimar train which runs between Karachi and Lahore was closed from last one year. Now it is announced to restart with collaboration of private sector. Shalimar train tickets responsibility and during journey checking contract handed over to private sector. According to railways resources Shalimar train handed over to private company air cell on annual basis of 51crores. Train 7 economies, 2 lower ac and 1 based on parlor class coach which every morning from Karachi and Lahore move on 6:30am and will reach on 10:30am morning to its destination.

District Government dissolved; commissioner system restored in Sindh

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 02:02 AM PST

District Government dissolved; commissioner system restored in Sindh. After negations between PPP & MQM in 1979 local bodies and commissioner system restored however in Karachi city government, district government, towns and TMA's are seized and Karachi 5 cities are restored. Resources told that both the parties agreed on a point that both parties agreed to continue dialogues in current month before Sindh assembly session will prepare draft and present it in assembly. Avccording to resources Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sukkhur and Larkana DCO's appointed commissioners. Other cities of province DCO's and perform duty as deputy commissioner. Administrator Karachi Muhammad Hussain Syed is likely to be appointed Karachi Metropolitan Corporation administrator.

ICC should include Pakistan in corruption inquiry, Zaka Ashraf

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 01:27 AM PST

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Zaka Ashraf said that ICC should include Pakistan in corruption inquiry. Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Zaka Ashraf said that spot fixing case incident is bad luck, Shahid Afridi is included in team on the basis of talent. Talking to media in National Cricket academy he said that because of Salman Butt, Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif Pakistan name is became bad, it is said to ICC Pakistan should be included in next inquiry. On return of former Captain Shahid Afridi he said that all rounder on the basis of talent and with consultation of selector he is included in team. He further said that National Pakistan Cricket team player power play is not promoting, Bangladesh and India including all countries are working on regulating cricket relations.

Suicide attack in Swabi; ANP leader, his son & security guard killed

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 12:08 AM PST

Suicide attack in Swabi, ANP leader, his son & security guard killed. Tehsil Council former Nazim and ANP leader area PK 36 Swabi 6 president Haji Hanif Gul Jadun, his young son and security guard killed in suicide attack however 2 injured including driver. According to police report Haji Hanif other son Sajjad Ahmad told that he with his father, 6 years brother Ahmad Hanif and along with others offered Eid prayers and was coming back to home in car that near house unknown person blast out himself in front of his convoy as a result of which they killed at the spot. After this blast police reached there, ANP District Swabi President Haji Rehman-ullah Khan announced 8 days mourn in whole city however on getting information of this party central leader Azam Swati and other reached Mulkabad. Further North Waziristan in area of Meran Shah Security forces & extremists 16 hours long fight continue.

Return of pilgrims under government scheme will start from today

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 11:38 PM PST

Return of pilgrims under government scheme will start from today. According to issued schedule of PIA from Jeddah to Islamabad PK 2502 at 10:40pm however flight which come to Peshawar PK 2102 at 11:25pm and flight which come to Lahore PK 2202 will reach tomorrow on 11th November at 6:00am morning however flight which came to Quetta will reach on 11th November at 6:55am, Hajj flight which came to Karachi will reach at 11:25pm. According to PIA Media Advisor Tahir Khaleeq told express that all Hajjis are allowed to bring 30kg weight and 10 liter plastic cover Ab-e- Zamzam cane.

Nobody is allowed to target President: Firdous Ashiq

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 11:08 PM PST

Firdous Ashiq said that nobody is allowed to target President. Federal minister of Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that in actual meaning to make Pakistan of Allama Iqbal PPP is moving ahead acting on guide lines of their leaders. On Eid occasion in Sialkot she in discussion with all citizens and delegation members said that democracy is successfully going on and state institutes are performing their duties with in ordinance limit. Public should have independent and justice should be there. No political party can distract public and in democracy no body is allowed that for their purpose they will target President. Sessions, meetings, rallies and protest no one can do better than PPP. While talking to media she said that government in difficult times will continue helping public.

Pak-India Prime Ministers meeting in Maldives

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 10:33 PM PST

Pak-India Prime Ministers meeting started in Maldives in city Dadu. According to Geo News SAARC conference which continued in Maldives meeting between 2 countries prime ministers started. It is hoped that as Pakistan took their initial step and express good will and it is hoped that India will also respond in the same way. On occasion of meeting Indian Prime Minister is quite serious however on Gillani face there is smile. Both body language shows that both wants circumstances will get better and problem which is between both countries reduced, now its India turn that how they will respond against Pakistan behavior. In meeting Kashmir including all important issue come under discussions. It seems that both countries are in full spirit to better their relations.

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