Thursday, 28 June 2012

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Breaking News

JSS-Matrix Training Videos Featuring "Snoop"

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 10:21 PM PDT

Discover How You Could Be Earning Thousands of Extra Dollars From Matrixes You Already Have! Follow Our In-House Expert Step-By-Step As He Reveals How To Maximize Matrix Earnings While Avoiding The Most Common (Often Costly) Mistakes!

There are 3 different ways JBP members can get JSS-Matrix Positions:

  • From buying JSS-Matrix positions - Can be purchased for $20 each from within your JSS account
  • From the JSS-Tripler feed - Your expired JSS-Tripler positions (after 75-81 days of purchasing)
  • From a Restart Feed - When 10% to 40% of your existing JSS-Tripler positions are being converted
You'll automatically get 1 JSS-Matrix position for every 4 JSS-Tripler positions that expire, as long as you Upgrade/Renew to Level 1 (only $15 every 3-months) BEFORE any of your JSS-Triplers expire. If you've purchased JSS-Tripler positions in the last 10-74 days and a Restart has been implemented within that time-frame, then it's likely you'll have extra Matrixes as a result of that Restart.
If you have NOT purchased 4 or more JSS-Tripler positions or 1 or more JSS-Matrix positions, then you will NOT have any Matrixes yet... regardless of a Restart (or not)!