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Interview with Frederick Mann business secrets

Posted: 24 Nov 2012 10:53 PM PST

PC: Is it possible to make thousands of dollars?

FM:Yes. In the Profit Clicking FAQ I provide a case study of how I built up my earnings in a similar program to over $5,000 a week. See also the Top 20 account holders.

PC:Is it necessary to get referrals to make money? Can you make more money if you get referrals?

FM:You don't need referrals to make money. You earn up to 20 cents per day per Ad Pack purchased, Monday to Friday
and up to 10 cents on Weekends. By compounding some of your daily cash, you can increase your rate of cash flow to a higher level!

PC:Is it hard to get referrals?

FM:About 98% of wannabe online moneymakers seem to find it difficult to get referrals. Profit Clicking provides guidelines for easy ways to market, including how to use business cards and fliers.

PC:Which countries is Profit Clicking available in?

FM:It's available worldwide. To see how Profit Clicking is doing in terms of traffic from various countries, visit Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach"; then under "Country" click "More."

PC:What strategy do you recommend for people to maximize their success with Profit Clicking?

FM:Start with an amount you're comfortable with (not your "grocery money") -- anything from $10 to a few thousand.
Then sponsor as many people as you can. Withdraw some of your daily cash and parlay some to increase future cash flow.

PC:Especially in these difficult times, what would be the most profitable way for someone with little money to get Profit Clicking to work for them?

FM:The most important online moneymaking skill is marketing. Invest in yourself by learning to continuously improve your marketing skills. Build a big referral base. You can do this by sponsoring one or two people a day.

PC:Based on your experience, what is the growth potential of Profit Clicking? Can it perform for years?

FM:Profit Clicking is designed to continue indefinitely. There have been similar programs that grew to over 100,000 members. There's no reason for Profit Clicking to stop there.

PC:The trust factor is very important. How do you establish reliability and confidence in your online moneymaking?

FM:Profit Clicking was re-launched in early 2012. By October 2012, Profit Clicking had paid out thousands of dollars to its members, as seen in the Top 20 Earners Chart.

PC:There have been thousands of "high-return passive" programs. All the ones I know of failed and I suspect all those now running will also fail and disappear. Why won't Profit Clicking fail like all the rest?

FM:This is actually the most important factor that sets Profit Clicking apart from other programs. I've found a way to make a "high-return passive" program indefinitely sustainable.

PC:I got quite excited when I started understanding how you do this.

FM:Profit Clicking utilizes two mechanisms: The first is that for every four of your $10 AdPacks that mature (having generated you $15 each), you get one "PC Panel position" that pays you $60 when it matures. I apologize for this being rather technical. The gist of a PC Panel is that it's an asset for both the member and for the company. By paying in the form of a "PC Panel position," the company effectively "converts a liability into an asset."

PC:I checked out your Profit Clicking page where you explain the "DAMM" mechanism -- "Double Asset Money Multiplier" and it seems to make sense.

FM:Good. DAMM is essentially a "clever transaction" that creates two assets without any corresponding liabilities! It violates the "rules of accounting" but it's for real!

PC:And what's the second mechanism?

FM:Every "high-return passive" program is subject to an ongoing buildup of obligations or liabilities. Eventually a point is reached where the daily payouts become "too big" for the program to handle. This could be called the "kill point." At this point, the typical program owner closes the program down and disappears. Members lose all the money they still have in
the program.

PC:But doesn't a ProfitShift involve members losing their money?

FM:No. They experience a temporary decrease in daily cash, but no loss of money. A ProfitShift converts some of their short term Profit Clicking daily cash into longer-term cash flow from PC Panels. Because the ProfitShift payout is partially in cash, and members retain their referral base, most members will quickly build up their daily cash to the level they were before and beyond.

PC:How long will Profit Clicking run before the "ProfitShift" has to be applied?

FM:My guess is about 6-18 months. This is really impossible to predict because of all kinds of "variables" -- e.g., system downtime can cause many members to become fearful, resulting in fewer new positions being purchased. The big difference between Profit Clicking and other similar programs is that Profit Clicking has the ProfitShift feature to recover from "bad situations"; while other programs fade away and/or disappear.

PC:Do you recommend that members withdraw their money daily or leave it in the system to take advantage of the repurchase feature? If doing the latter, when do you suggest members begin to withdraw their daily cash?

FM:It's up to each member to find a balance between repurchasing and withdrawing. An important consideration is to get to a break-even point, so you no longer can suffer an "out-of-pocket loss," no matter what happens. Then you also want to increase your long term cash flow. Every day you can do some repurchasing and some withdrawing.

PC:Ok, say if a member puts $120 into Profit Clicking and purchases 12 Adpacks and does nothing to promote the program. Can you explain what occurs to triple this $120 and how much profit the $120 will bring in before the ProfitShift is applied?

FM:Basically, after about 88 days the $120 will have grown to $180. When the Profit Clicking Adpacks mature, for every 4 of them the owner receives one PC Panel position. In this case the owner would receive 3 PC Panel positions, each paying $60 when they fill, for a total of $180. Add this to the Profit Clicking cash of $180 for a total of $360 -- triple the original $120. This may or may not happen before the ProfitShift is applied. If and when the ProfitShift is applied, members will be paid -- based on how many unexpired Profit Clicking Adpacks they have and how much they have generated -- partially in cash and partially in PC Panel positions, so they don't lose any money. Profit Clicking is then effectively "restarted as a new program." There will be a temporary reduction in daily cash for some members, but they'll be able to build up their daily cash again -- beyond what they had before.

PC:What is Profit Clicking's product?

FM:Advertising -- advertising that pays. Members buy advertising, and over time, get back 3 times what they paid -- more if they also sponsor people.

PC:Is Profit Clicking a suitable way for both individuals and companies to advertise?

FM:Absolutely! And it can become highly profitable for both individuals and companies. Furthermore, there's no limit to the kinds of groups that could use Profit Clicking as a fund-raising vehicle.

PC:How does Profit Clicking generate the money to pay such high payouts?

FM:Profit Clicking generates revenue in the following ways (some still to be developed and implemented):

PC:Thank you, Frederick for sharing information with readers about this exciting program. I look forward to Profit Clicking continuing their success.

FM:You're welcome!