Tuesday, 5 March 2013

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Fredric Mann interview of click paid

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 08:46 AM PST

Q: How can we trust this program?
A: The way you trust any program is for you try it out. You can make money with Clickpaid without risking any of your own money by joining as a free member and promote and build a downline and earn referral commissions and see how it works. You can request a withdrawal and see how quickly you get paid; so based on how the program performs, you decide to trust it or not.

Q: As far as matrix part of it goes, is this similar to JBP as 4 expiring adpacks will turn into 1 matrix position?
A: Yes, that would work in a very similar way.

Q: If this is extremely similar to JBP, Why would you sell JBP to create an exact replica program?
A: It's not an exact replica, it's much more powerful because of its speed in paying, the simplifications of use, and the automated marketing feature and also with clickpaid there will be much more revenue generated from advertising and also from outside advertisers.

Q: Aside from the daily sales commission and matrix aspect of the program, will there be other revenue streams?
A: Yes, We will be selling additional products and services. The breakthrough products that will help people to achieve their full potential called AFX - a product that will be sold to members and outsiders to generate additional revenue and some of that revenue will be shared by clickpaid members.

Q: Other than attaining referrals in prelaunch, how else do you gain credit or monetize your earnings?
A: Only thing you can do at this point is to build your downline, nothing live yet. The site will come live over the next 24 hours. They are already transmitting data to the live site. It means in the meantime, members have more time to sponsor and build their downline

Q: If this program is not linked to ProfitClicking, why is that when I sent a support ticket, my reply came from a profitclicking gmail address, how came they were the ones answering the support ticket back?
A: We have the same software provider who built software for over 30 companies, so that could be one of the issues we're dealing with. Most of the support people are actually offshore so it could have to do with multiple programs using the same offshore support staff.

Q: Whats your involvement with Clickpaid?
A: I am involved as a consultant/ adviser

Q: Is there gonna be a maximum number of clickpacks for this system as there was with others?
A: Yes there will be limits depending how the program grows and it can be adjusted at any time.
Roughly one can buy in about 1000 or maybe even 5000 clickpacks as maximum over a certain period but it will be flexible in that the system in this program will be very easy to change them. The reasons for limits is that the best way for the program to work is if there is a steady growth.

Q: Is there any chance that we can get some new stuff on Clickpaid?
A: Yes, it will still be discussed.

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