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Breaking: Mobile Companies to Filter SMS Content: ProPakistani

Breaking: Mobile Companies to Filter SMS Content: ProPakistani

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Breaking: Mobile Companies to Filter SMS Content

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 06:41 AM PST

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is reportedly working on a mechanism under which mobile phone operators will filter SMS content for black listed keywords to make sure that SMS messages with bad language aren't delivered to (intended or un-intended) mobile phone users, told us sources at PTA headquarters.

Though the information we have got is of preliminary nature but we can confirm that a list of almost 1,500 keywords (from both Urdu and English language) has been prepared and sent out to telecom companies to be filtered for any communication over SMS.

For the purpose a letter titled: "Implementation – Content Filtering through SMS" is reportedly on it's way for telecom companies.

From what it looks like, each and every SMS message will be filtered by mobile companies and will be delivered to other party only if it passes the filter list.

We are yet to get the official confirmations from cellular companies and PTA, but the we have got this list of keywords, first shared by Faisal Sabzwari over twitter, which mostly contains abusive words. Even Mr. Sabzwari was trembled by the list:

Faisal SMS Filtering thumb Breaking: Mobile Companies to Filter SMS Content

If implemented in true spirit, this action by PTA is going to get massive applaud, especially because incidents of indecent and abusive SMS messages received from unknown users are increasing.

On other hands, cellular companies won’t be happy if such a regulation is implemented. Just imagine the size of work required in filtering billions of messages a day. There are going to be issues involved including the cost involved in deploying filters, latency, delivery issues and so on.

As we mentioned earlier, we aren't aware of the procedures and execution methods for the filtering, but we sincerely hope that mobile companies will take necessary measures for the privacy of SMS communication. Moreover, government won’t use this regulation/determination to filter anti-government or anti-politicians messages.

Keep watching this space for more updates on this.

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1.80 Rs Mai Poora Ghanta [Punjaagi Videos]

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 02:16 AM PST

Mobilink has pioneered this idea of dubbing classic old videos in Pakistan to sell their Bari Baat Offer; also dubbed as Punjaagi videos. These short scenes from English and Pakistan movies are dubbed with Punjabi dialogues to spread the message of "Aik Rupayee Assi Paisay main Poora Ghanta".

Though we aren't sure about legality relating to reproduction rights of these videos, but Mobilink apparently aims to make these Punjaagi videos viral over internet, as they are well liked by the audience in this country, reference: "Butt tay Bhatti", and random Aag TV Punjaagi Totay.

Here are few videos that you might enjoy, but first the original ad:

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Zong Revamps Website

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 01:23 AM PST

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zong website Zong Revamps Website

ZONG has successfully revamped its website. New user-friendly features which have been added to the website include value added services activation facility, online chat to provide online support and poll for customer feedback.

ZONG has shown tremendous growth in the telecom sector. Keeping in mind the growing number of its subscribers, the company is continuously striving to facilitate its users through state-of-the-art services, said a statement issued by the company. Revamping its website is one such effort, it said.

The updated website now features new theme, improved text, novel artwork and a brand new value added services landing page.

Sajid Mahmood, Chief Information Officer of ZONG says, "we are always trying to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of today's customer. Today, internet has provided people with a platform bigger than any other knowledge base. Taking lead on the opportunity, we have re-vamped the complete ZONG Website. We have incorporated several changes and plan to continue bringing such transformations at regular intervals. The new website is user friendly and is designed while keeping in mind the ease of our subscribers."

The latest online Value Added Services system will allow the customers to subscribe to all SMS based value added services directly through the website. Through the online chat facility, users will be able to register their complaints, queries, feedback on services by chatting with the customer relationship officers in real-time. Online-poll will be used to seek customers' opinion on varied topics.

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Facebook Under Massive NSFW SPAM Attack

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 08:17 PM PST

It seems like every other day there is news about how Facebook got hit by another wave of malicious worms and spam. However it's much bigger this time. For the past three days, reports are coming in that the newsfeeds of people are displaying NSFW (Not Safe for Work), offensive and violent images.

The content ranges from graphic scenes of death and gore to p*rn and others which can be deemed highly offensive.

This attack is different than the others because people are being affected faster than previous attacks and the scale of the attack is massive. It appears that the hacks are affecting random people, with some seeing objectionable content and others not seeing anything at all.

twitter facebook thumb Facebook Under Massive NSFW SPAM Attack

In many cases, a link with an inviting title is shared which leads to a dead end and results in the hacking of account of whoever clicks it while the malicious link is shared with all of the users friends. Similarly many users are being tagged in bogus photos and videos; one click and their accounts are compromised.

Many fingers are pointing towards Anonymous, who said that they were going to take down Facebook on the 5th of November and last week claimed that they were developing a Guy Fawkes virus through which they would carry out the attack.

But 5th November came and went and nothing happened. While many people claim that it's finally happening now, Anonymous have released a statement saying they aren't responsible.

ProPakistani highly recommends that you change your password and put up a disclaimer in case your account is being used to spread this content. The hacked user isn't notified when this content is shared so you would do well to put up a disclaimer status as well since many of us have close family and friends as well as colleagues in our friend lists. Lastly, run a virus scan on your computer to ensure you are safe.

Have you or your friends been affected by this attack or some other spam on Facebook? Let s know in the comments!

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Telenor Partners with Google to Introduce Global Android Market

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 08:16 PM PST

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Telenor Android5 Telenor Partners with Google to Introduce Global Android MarketTelenor International today announced that it has partnered with Google to launch store-in-store for Telenor's Android users to access selected suite of relevant apps inside a fixed destination on the front page of Android Market.

As part of this agreement Telenor customers, in all 11 operating countries, will be able to pay for apps via their mobile operator to make app payments more flexible, especially for markets with low credit card penetration. Local developers will also benefit by the increased exposure of their apps and the potential of increased revenues.

The agreement covers all of Telenor’s 11 international markets, with initial launch in the first quarter 2012 in Thailand, Malaysia, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark.

The deal meets the insatiable demand for mobile content in established European markets as well as in the faster-growing Asian economies. While smartphone penetration might be lower on a percentage basis in Asia, they easily beat their European counterparts in absolute user numbers.

An editorial team in each country will be responsible for selecting and presenting up to 50 apps – with high local relevance.

Operator billing makes it easy for Telenor’s Android users to pay for apps, via prepaid or postpaid subscriptions, and enables developers to more easily monetize on their products. Industry data shows that, given the option of paying via credit card or operator billing, approximately 70% prefer the latter.

The upgrade requires no effort on the part of Telenor’s Android users. All they need to do is to enter Android Market on their handsets and select the Telenor (or local subsidiary) tile on the front page.

Telenor customers Pakistan can expect to start using this service later in 2012.

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Warid to Continue Supporting LUMS Sports Society

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 08:15 PM PST

image thumb Warid to Continue Supporting LUMS Sports Society

Warid Telecom (PVT) Ltd has extended its commitment by sponsoring SLUMS (Sports Society of LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences)) for the Year 2011-2012.

Mr. Amer Aman Khan, Head of Sales & Distribution, Warid Telecom (PVT) Ltd signed an agreement with Dr. Ali Khan, Patron, SLUMS to provide year long sponsorship to SLUMS (Sports Society of Lahore University of Management Sciences).

Warid was also the main sponsor for SLUMS activities last year and has generously extended support to SLUMS this year as well.

Sports at LUMS (SLUMS) is the largest society within the institution, catering to approximately 60 % of the entire student body.

Currently, LUMS students participate in 20 sports (athletics, darts, badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby, horse riding, squash, table tennis, tennis, softball, water polo, weightlifting and boxing, swimming), intra-LUMS sports events, as well as inter-varsity/International tournaments that are held throughout the year, and involve not only the students at LUMS, but also student networks outside of LUMS.

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Sindh Bank Inks Automation Contract with AutoSoft Dynamics

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 08:14 PM PST

AutoSoft Dynamics has signed an agreement with Sindh Bank Ltd. to provide its robust AutoBANKER software to automate their core banking operations in over 150 branches, of which almost 50 are already in operation to date.

The popular banking solution was chosen over products presented by 6 other local and international software vendors.

The AutoBANKER software package has fast become the go-to banking solution for the Pakistani financial services industry. Its modular architecture and real-time online processing functionalities have allowed banks and other institutions to streamline their core banking services as well as automate more complex banking operations, including trade finance operations and treasury automation.

The complete end to end product suite also contains additional modules that automate administrative tasks such as human capital and fixed asset management.

Mr. Lutfullah Khan, Chairman & CEO AutoSoft Dynamics commented, "At AutoSoft we have accumulated over two decades of experience while working with domestic and international financial institutions. During this time we have developed a strong reputation by meeting tight deadlines and exceeding user expectations with our banking solutions. We have no doubt that AutoBANKER will enhance Sindh Bank's outreach while providing them the flexibility to rapidly establish new branches in line with their aggressive growth plans."

Mr. Muhammad Bilal Sheikh, President & CEO, Sindh Bank Limited mentioned that despite Sindh Bank being a new entrant in Pakistan's financial services industry, it has already made noticeable strides in the sector. With aggressive plans for growth, he foresees the bank becoming a catalyst to augment trade and industry in Pakistan, while empowering the people by providing easy access to its banking facilities. With the aid of AutoBANKER Sindh Bank will be able to fulfill its commitment to the people and play a significant role in their economic development.

Commenting on the tender evaluation process, Mr. Wahid Ahmed, an independent consultant from KPMG, said that the entire tender process, from bidding to evaluation, was carefully monitored to ensure transparency in proceedings and adherence to Sindh Bank's evaluation criteria. AutoSoft was selected on the basis of being ranked high in both technical and financial evaluations.

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