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TransWorld Data Center Inaugurated in Karachi: ProPakistani

TransWorld Data Center Inaugurated in Karachi: ProPakistani

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TransWorld Data Center Inaugurated in Karachi

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 07:06 AM PST

Transworld Datacenter thumb TransWorld Data Center Inaugurated in KarachiTansWorld's state of the art data center has been inaugurated by Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Chairman PTA, in Karachi today.

Inaugural ceremony was attended by executives of telecomm industry, media persons and employees of the company.

Data Center is equipped to offer its customers the colocation needs for multiple applications, through its state-of-the art, purpose built commercial Data center in Pakistan.

While addressing addressing the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Yaseen said that PTA is fully committed to the task of regulating, issuing new licenses and to introduce new spectrums and technologies, but the private sector also has an important role by investing in ventures.

Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said the telecom industry has had to battle a host of issues ranging from the rupee devaluation, the energy crisis, the security situation and inflation which has greatly reduced the disposable income of the common citizens of this country. However, the industry has proven itself to be remarkably resilient and there are some notable achievements that the industry can be proud of he added.

He said that Cellular service coverage is one of the best in the region; the cellular subscribers have crossed the 100 million milestone, there are multiple broadband options available to the consumer in every nook and corner of Pakistan, there are more than 1.5 million broadband consumers in Pakistan with the industry doubling year to year and 4 operational long haul networks in the country that connect various cities of Pakistan.

He said that with the increase in broadband adoption, the need of the hour for Pakistan is to continue to improve its internet infrastructure. He added that Internationally there are two independent operators that connect Pakistan to the internet and every destination of the world. Transworld being one of these.

Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said that Transworld's new data center is unique due to its location and state of Art Technology and new applications and contents can be hosted with minimum capex. Later he inaugurated the Data Centre.

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Warid Joins White Ribbon Campaign, Calls to End Violence Against Women

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 04:12 AM PST

image thumb2 Warid Joins White Ribbon Campaign, Calls to End Violence Against WomenTo mark National White Ribbon Day on November 25th, Warid Telecom joins White Ribbon Pakistan campaign that is aimed to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Men and boys in their various roles as individuals, community members, leaders, educators, fathers, family members have a responsibility and important role to play in promoting gender equality and ending violence against women and girls.

On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Resolution 54/134).

The UN invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designated to raise public awareness of the problem on this day as an international observance.

Warid Staff members also celebrated White Ribbon Day while an awareness text was also broadcasted to the subscribers.

DSC00958 copy thumb Warid Joins White Ribbon Campaign, Calls to End Violence Against Women

Group Photo of Warid staff members pledging gender equality and ending violence against women.

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wi-tribe Introduces Prepaid Packages

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 03:36 AM PST

image001 thumb1 wi tribe Introduces Prepaid Packageswi-tribe today introduced long-anticipated prepaid WiMAX packages for it's customers, allowing them to buy internet hours in advance to avoid bills/rentals at the end of the month.

You can buy internet hours at Rs. 20 per hour through prepaid cards ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,000.

Customers won't have to pay the rental for duration they don't use the service. Simply pay for what you use, that's it.

Rs. 20 per hour might seem high to many, but this deal will attract those who want to avoid long term commitments or monthly rentals.

A statement issued by company says:

"As a service that provides "broadband by the hour", wi-tribe prepaid promises to be a catalyst of change for the industry. It allows customers to pay only for what they use, giving them the flexibility to use the internet as and when desired, without any hidden charges."

Initial deposit:

Device Security Deposit Initial Credit
Desktop Modem Rs. 2,000 Rs. 1,500
Wi-Fi Modem Rs. 2,500 Rs. 1,500
Pocket Modem Rs. 2,000 Rs. 1,500

To put up-mentioned table in words, you will have to purchase a modem with initial costing of Rs. 3,500 in case of desktop or pocket modem or Rs. 4,000 in case of Wi-Fi modem.

Initial deposit of Rs. 1,500 will be automatically transferred to user account in three months, i.e. Rs. 500 every month, meaning that you you can use Rs. 500 for first three months. One can of course recharge account if usage exceed Rs. 500 limit.

Recharging your account:

You can recharge your account with prepaid cards of following values and validity:

Amount Hours Validity
Rs. 100 5 7 days
Rs. 250 12.5 15 days
Rs. 500 25 30 days
Rs. 1,000 50 30 days

Terms and conditions:

  • All devices come with speed of 512 Kbps
  • There’s no download limit for prepaid packages
  • Total initial charges: Security Deposit + initial recharge amount
  • Security deposit refundable upon return of device
  • 3 days money back guarantee

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Microsoft Launches MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 06:15 PM PST

wp7 thumb Microsoft Launches MEA Windows Phone 7 ChallengeMicrosoft Gulf today announced the start of an exciting competition with the official launch of the MEA (Middle East & Africa) Windows Phone 7 Challenge in the region. Held in the region for the first time, the MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge is a student technology contest which has been conceived to attract entries from students across the Middle East and Africa region to develop Windows Phone 7 compatible applications.

As part of this competition, contestants need to send innovative contest entries based on Microsoft Windows Phone technologies that address the theme: Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems. This will involve the creation of an original XAP Application package in Silverlight or XNA Game Studio. For more information and to enter the competition to win attractive prizes, contestants can visit

"With opportunities like MEA Phone 7 challenge, you can go out and test yourself, your potential and your ability. This will motivate you to do more and more. For young students, it's a cool platform to get your momentum going" said Amir Ali Jivani, MEA Phone 7 Challenge Round 1 Winner.

The Contest is split into five Rounds with the fifth round being the final round to select the eventual winner. The last date for contest entries is on April 20th 2011. A panel of qualified judges with knowledge and experience in software development will review all eligible entries received and select the winning teams based upon criteria revolving around originality and innovation, Visual XAP Appeal, Consumer XAP Appeal and unique mobile-oriented features.

According to Amintas Neto, MEA Academic Relations Lead., " The MEA Windows Phone 7 challenge is a wonderful opportunity for talented students from across the region who can use this competition as a showcase for their creativity and innovation to develop the best applications on Windows Phone 7. The competition comes at an opportune time considering the high mobile penetration across the region which has been driven to a large extent by the youth who are eager users and want the latest applications. The aim of this competition is to tap into that talent pool and technical capabilities to create truly innovative and socially responsible applications on Windows Phone 7."

He added, "For Microsoft, this is another opportunity for us to highlight our commitment to supporting student talent in technology development to create advanced IT skills across the region."

"We wanted to create something that would have a unique impression on the user, solve their problems easily and also be fun to use," said Asad Ali Memon, MEA Phone 7 Challenge Round 2 Winner

Since its global rollout, Windows Phone 7 has attracted rave reviews from consumers around the world and in the region. For Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 represents an ambitious effort to deliver a fundamentally different kind of phone – one designed for an increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumer that is as engaged with their personal life as they are with work.

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